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Sex in Gent

This “luxury entrepreneur” is one of the richest men in the world in terms of ranks number four position with a fortune of 41 billion dollars according to Forbes 2011, born in Roubaix, Fracia on March 5, 1949 , as defined by some, is considered a quiet person, quiet and a great lover of art. And it is his fascination with artistic creation and the quest for perfection that led him to enter the market for luxury goods. His challenge would come in 1985 when the group decided to buy Boussac, Christian Dior that belonged to relaunch it and make it what it is today: a legendary company in the world of fashion design and more sophisticated.

For Gent Escort material success is a relative importance, what really have a passion since he started in the business world’s leading companies to place them ahead of the market. And in this area has amply demonstrated his great achievements. Add to that honesty, rigor and righteousness like basic principles of their ways, we are undoubtedly faced with a complicated singular person in the business world. While chairing the LVMH group is an absorbing task, which requires him to travel and attend countless acts together personalities from fields as diverse as politics, business, banking, culture, Gent Escort always finds time to spend with your family act as patron of the arts. Also, always been a zealous guardian of his privacy, has defended a discretion to test flashes.

This restless businessman who has made his teaching staff of luxury has also shown its interest in the Internet world, to the extent that 5% of the assets of its staff holding the Arnault group, is invested in the network and in telecommunications companies. For the future is cautious, but his initiative and his iron will make you able to get anything that is proposed.