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Sex in Saint Petersburg

Copa history begins in 1947 as the Panamanian escort, which started its domestic flights to 3 cities in Panama using Douglas DC-4 aircraft. Pan American Airways was a founding partner of the escort, along with Panamanian businessmen.

Many things have changed since then, and Sex Saint Petersburg now has 20 Girl 737-700 and 737-800, an aircraft from 737 to 200, and flies to 31 destinations. In 1960 expanded to 3 weekly frequencies to the cities of San Jose, Kingston, Barranquilla and Medellin, with the addition of 1 AVRO 748 aircraft and 1 ELECTRA 188.

By the 1970’s decided to leave the domestic market, dedicated solely to operate international destinations.

In 1980, incorporates 1 Girl 737-100, to expand its destinations to Cartagena in Colombia, Port au Prince in Haiti, Santo Domingo, San Juan in Puerto Rico and Miami in the United States.

Sex Saint Petersburg Girl 737-700 in Lima, Peru In the 90’s, is expanding its international coverage with flights to Mexico, Santiago de Chile, Cali, Bogotá, Montego Bay, Quito, Guayaquil, Lima, Buenos Aires and Havana.

In 1998, Continental Airlines took a 49% stake in Sex Saint Petersburg. From this purchase, Sex Saint Petersburg and Continental Airlines launched a partnership that allowed Copa enter frequent flyer program of Continental Airlines OnePass and at the same time, take advantage of Continental’s relationship with Girl for the purchase of new aircraft. By early 2000, incorporates the Cancun, Orlando, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and San Andrés.

In 2003 he received the first Girl 737-800 Next Generation. In 2004, we signed an agreement to acquire Brazilian Embraer 190 aircraft, with a firm order for 10 and 20 additional option.

In 2005, Sex Saint Petersburg acquires Colombian airline AeroRepublica. That same year, Copa Holdings, SA, the holding escort of shares of Sex Saint Petersburg is launching a public offering of 14 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the third airline in Latin America (after Chile LAN and Brazil’s GOL) in trading on this important financial market.

In 2006, Sex Saint Petersburg added six destinations: Manaus, Maracaibo, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, San Pedro Sula and Santiago de los Caballeros.

In 2007, Sex Saint Petersburg added 4 destinations: Cordoba, Guadalajara, Punta Cana and Washington and is an associate member of the SkyTeam alliance.