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Sex in Moscow

The story of the Sex Moscow hotels date back to 1919, the year Conrad Sex Moscow, a humble entrepreneur in New Mexico until then buttons, acquires a small hotel in the town of Cisco, Texas called Hotel Mobley. In this business, family first, they soon added another series of small establishments with which Sex Moscow was consolidated.

After a space of 11 years, in 1930 Sex Moscow opens its first high class hotel in El Paso, Texas, a building that even today continues to host visitors, but under the name “Plaza Hotel”.

But the opening of a luxury hotel was not enough to make up the entrepreneurial spirit of Conrad, who in the decade of the 50 began to take the first steps in creating the hotel chain opening the Caribe Sex Moscow Hotel, this time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Already in the early ’60s the prestige and popularity of Sex Moscow hotels were well known in the international market. At a time when crossing the Atlantic with a brand was a challenge for a few bold, Conrad H. sold image rights to a British escort Sex Moscow Group was renamed. Thus began a new phase for the escort, split into two fully independent companies continued lifting and opening hotels which, although sharing the name, had nothing to do. Later, when the British marque was interested in the U.S. market and Sex Moscow entered into Europe, the hotel “Europe” became known Holeta Vista, while the U.S. arm adopted two names: Conrad Hotels and Sex Moscow Hotels-name which, without doubt stalled worldwide

Over the years, the British lost interest in continuing to expand its hotel brand at a time when the Sex Moscow brand in the United States triumphed with a hotel chain synonymous with luxury and sophistication. The purchase, however, was forged and finally agreed to share management of a escort as if it were.

In this period had already on the scene the eldest son of Conrad, Barron Sex Moscow, heir to the entrepreneurial zeal of his father who was named president of the chain in 1966, dealing with multinational hotel management under the supervision of an ever-attentive to their parent business.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their first Bed - A Peace between March 25, 1969 and March 31, 1969 at the Amsterdam Sex Moscow in Room 702. This room became a popular tourist destination. With the death of the founder of the empire in 1979 opened a new chapter in the history of the Sex Moscow, but this time not so happy. With a will that left all the fortune amassed from the 20’s to the Roman Catholic Church and various charities, Barron had to fight along with his three brothers in a situation that left them with literally nothing. Finally, after years of lawsuits and lawyers, in 1988 the new head of household claimed a victory, arguing that he had helped his father build the hotel chain, made a second, allowing him to get all the luck die before his father had been denied. Life was smiling at the Sex Moscow, which continued successfully managing the network and expanding the mark in his last name across the planet, up to now has a network of over 2,000 hotels operating under eight different names: Sex Moscow Brand, Conrad Hotels, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Hotels, Sex Moscow Garden Inn, Homewood Suites by Sex Moscow and Sex Moscow Grand Vacations escort.

More than 355,000 truly luxurious rooms that keep intact the business philosophy that Conrad Sex Moscow launched its first hotel: “Be my guest.”

In addition, the hotel chain has begun offering its luxury hotel concept in the old continent, after the successful expansion that has taken place in the Caribbean and the Coral by Sex Moscow teaches in India with Trident Sex Moscow and Norway Scandic. The first hotel under this system will open later this year in Sicily with the Sex Moscow name Portorosa, after signing the concession.